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For efficient and effective projects Implementation Faida MaLi conduct quartely review and planning meeting.
FaidaMaLi Facilitator conducting training

FaidaMaLi Gender specialist conduct training at Dareda Kati ward (Babati district) 

During follow up of the participants training at farmers’ level this lady was captured at her coffee farm.

Rosella Farming has also been alternative cash crop for the women groups in Hai District.

 A farmer from Hai district where the crop was at the stage of flowering.
One of the farms planted by following beans good agrictural practices inMatala village in Moshi Rural District.

  Milk vendor at Kimamba selling Milk, at the collection center during Participatory Market   research.


The company applies “Faida 10 Step Market Linkage Approach”, a tool that focuses on building trust between producers and buyers.The main idea is for producers to develop sustainable commercial enterprises that are mutually beneficial.


The Faida MaLi team carries out consultancies and implements donor funded projects in providing market linkage services. We facilitate contracts between smallholder producers and agricultural companies, bringing together actors from both supply and demand sides to catalyse a specific enterprise development.



Faida MaLi (Faida Market Link) is a non-profit company with a social mission of empowering women and men in Rural Tanzania to access markets through capacity building of community based organizations and implementation of Market Linkage (ML) Approach, in order to increase income and create employment opportunities in rural  areas.

The Company was established after realization that small scale farmers are often unable to take advantage of the increasing  opportunities for entrepreneurial development offered by market liberalization and private agro-industrial investment. Faida MaLi aims to play a valuable facilitating role in linking  producers to agricultural companies (traders,processers and input suppliers),financial institutions and other markets in ensuring that the services required in the building of sustainable  partnerships are  available.

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