Faida Market Link (Faida MaLi)

Core Value

Our Core values

Dairy farmers making silage for their dairy herd for future use to get more milk for the market.

Sensitizing male in gender training to allow more women to participate in economic activities.

Farmers assesing and selecting quality seed after GAP trainning.

Faida MaLi believes in Farmers’ Socio-Economic Empowerment through Community Participatory Approaches to initiate and manage their own development processes.

We believe in "Dual Nature" towards implementing sustainable community economic empowerment through value chain development.

We believe in Gender Equality for sustainable socio-economic development.

We believe in networking and collaboration for mutual learning and experience sharing with our target groups, stakeholders and other development actors to provide services as “ONE” for Effectiveness and Efficiency.

Inclusiveness: working closely with our target group and other stakeholders through participatory approaches by focusing on building good working relationships; dealing hands-on with sensitive issues, inter-cultural sensitivity through excellent communication skills and a good sense of humor which help us lift barriers especially in the rural setting.

Transparency, Honesty and Openness in all our activities, transactions and relationships.

Professionalism, resourcefulness, innovativeness and Integrity in our attitude to our work; creativity in our facilitation methodologies to provide high quality and effective service provision.


Contact Us

Email us  at faida@faidamarketlink.or.tz


Awards and Recognitions

AB Nut seed for foreign Marke