Faida Market Link (Faida MaLi)

Partners and Donors

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Faida MaLi at the Arusha Regional Commissioners’ Office paying courtesy call before visiting projects. Extreme right is Charlene.

Faida MaLi also collaborates with other development organizations on a   cost-sharing basis in order to maximize the outreach of our services to as many rural farmers as can possibly be reached.

Faida MaLi is still a member of PELUM, TOAM and ATE. 

Faida MaLi is an active member of Global & Regional Advocacy for Small Producers (GRASP), this network mainly focuses on advocacy issues.

Faida MaLi  Collaborate and partner with; International NGOs, Local NGOs, BDS, Government  Institutions, donors (HIVOS,DIGITALGREEN, CORDAID, ONGAWA, AGRA, TRIAS, TRAIDCRAFT, ILRI, N2AFRICA, EU,LA CAIXA, IFAD). See the sliding logos below for  donors. we  Facilitate Sustainable Linkages Between Smallholders and Agricultural Markets;in partneship with: Local Goverment Authorities,ARMAJARO, ECOM, AVRDC, DALBERG, PELUM, TOAM-Tanzania, MULTIFLOWER, TANSPICES, WORLD VISION TANZANIA.

Faida has MoUs with Local Government Authorities in the project locations to officialize collaboration with the relevant government department’s i.e the cooperative, community development and the legal departments for sustainability.


Contact Us

Email us  at faida@faidamarketlink.or.tz


Awards and Recognitions

AB Nut seed for foreign Marke