Faida Market Link (Faida MaLi)


Participants for Nanenane trade fairs purchasing ginger powder at the FaidaMaLi pavilion in Arusha.


Some of ginger plots at farm land as can been seen in the above photograph.

Appropriate Land preparation for Ginger cultivation in  Mpinji village in Same district.

Ginger operators inspecting washed ginger read for slicing. 



Project Tittle: 

Marketing Infrastructure, Value Addition and Rural Finance Support Program(MIVARF)

Overall objective:

To strengthen 1,400 members of producer groups, processors and marketing associations comprising of 30 - 40 members into viable economic groups equipped with skills and technologies required for sustainable and profitable access to inputs and outputs markets.

Specific objective:

To strengthen the organizational and technical capacities of existing/newly established producer groups and processors groups

To equip the producers/processors groups and marketing groups with necessary post-harvest management technologies and skills for undertaking value addition initiatives,

To improve producers, processors and marketing groups access to market information.

To facilitate forward and backward market linkages.

To promote the participation of producers and marketing groups in Warehouse Receipt System (WRS),

To enhance access of producers, processors and marketing  groups to financial services.

Geographical coverage;

Same District in Kilimanjaro Region.

Target group:

Smallholder producer groups, processors, marketing associations, and grassroots microfinance finance institutions.

Duration Of the project: 

3 years (2015 to 2017)



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