Faida Market Link (Faida MaLi)


VICOBA Group member posing for a group photo after the training of loans investment.

Constructed of contours  to protect soil erosion in the ginger production project area.

Bags of farm yard manure to improve soil fertility for high yield.


Miyombo group member calculating Gross Margin analysis for their produce to determine cost of production.


Name of project:

Socio-economic development in 8 communities adjacent to Nature Reserve of Chome, through  ginger business in Tanzania.

Project goal:

Improving income through ginger trade to small holder ginger farmers around Chome Catchment in Same district Kilimanjaro region.

Program objectives:

Overall Objective:

Reduce poverty in Tanzania's rural population, through the intervention of economic development with a focus on environmental sustainability.

Specific Objective:

Strengthen the economic and productive eight (8) communities in the surroundings of the Chome Nature Reserve on the ginger value chain by focusing on gender and environmental sustainability.

Geographic coverage:

Same District

Direct beneficiaries:

420 (236me and 184fe) Smallholder ginger Farmers.

Duration of the project:

18 months (2015-2016)


Contact Us

Email us  at faida@faidamarketlink.or.tz


Awards and Recognitions

AB Nut seed for foreign Marke