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Allanblackia Nuts (AB) Value Chain Development: Amani – Muheza.

Allanblackia nuts collectors/farmers at a collection center in Muheza District in Tanga selling nuts.

Farmers are hands on trained on good  agronomic practices in planting  the matured alan blackia tree seedlings in Muheza district.

Indigenous Allanblackia nuts trees in Amani - Muheza districts.



Project Title:  

AB Nuts - Novella Projects

Project goal:

Contributing to long-term alleviation of poverty in poor rural communities by providing a new, additional  and rewarding sustainable source of income, community mobilisation to form and sustain economic producer groups, business training in order to sustain the AB nuts supply chain and develop more rewarding supply chains in the communities and more general community development initiatives. 

Project objective:

To develop and organise local communities and businesses for a profitable environment friendly and sustainable AB Nuts supply chain in Tanzania while ensuring environment conservation for the benefit of the future generation.

Geographical coverage;

Muheza and Korogwe district in Tanga region.

Number of associations:

a) 42 farmers AB Nuts producer groups formed.

b) 1 AB Nuts Apex Association formed.

Number of direct beneficiaries:

2,241 (948 fe and 1,293 me) Smallholder farmers

Target  group:

Smallholder farmers in Muheza District.

Duration of the project:

(2003 – 2009)



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AB Nut seed for foreign Marke