Faida Market Link (Faida MaLi)


One of the farmers from posing in her farm in Mbiga district.

Field Inspection of coffee field in Kigoma District 


The two photos shown above indicate a well managed plot(above) and poorly managed plot (below) in Mbozi District.

Coffee lead farmers undergoing a TOT training in bussiness plan development in Mbinga Districts.


Name of project

Tanzania Competitive Coffee Initiative Project

Project goal: 

To contribute towards socio-economic empowerment of producer communities thereby increasing their income and creating employment.

Program objectives:

Increasing productivity of coffee production in economically, environmentally and socially sustainable  way.

Strengthening link between coffee farmers strong,reliable markets especially enabling them to profit  from premium paid for specialty and certified coffee.

Providing access to finance to smallholder farmers.Improving production of other crops and products to  increase and diversify income and food supply.

Enhancing the sustainability of the overall project through social and environmental measures.

Utilize multi-stakeholders platforms to govern and advise the project and engage with relevant stakeholders.

Geographical coverage;

Kigoma rural, Mbozi, Moshi rural, Mbinga and Same districts.

Target group:

Smallholder Farmers

Project Duration :

(2013 - 2015)



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Email us  at faida@faidamarketlink.or.tz


Awards and Recognitions

AB Nut seed for foreign Marke