Faida Market Link (Faida MaLi)


Cross bred chicken from one farmer from Halla village Babati District.

A well grown  sunflower farm in Babati District from one of the farmer group member.



Project Tittle: 

Local Economic Development  project.

Project goal:

To improve the livelihood security of small-scale farmers and micro-entrepreneurs, by supporting local economic development processes.

Program objectives

General Strategic Objective 1:

The livelihood security of targeted small-scale entrepreneurs and farmers, and their active participation in local economic development processes, are increased, in a sustainable way.

General Strategic Objective 2:

The solidarity and mutual respect between small-scale farmers and entrepreneurs in North and South, represented in farmers and entrepreneurial movements supported by Trias, isstrengthened as shown by collective and more structuralengagements on issues of mutual importance and benefit.

Geographical coverage;

Babati and Monduli districts

Number of direct beneficiaries:

a) Sunflower  a Total number 975 (me 765 and fe 210)

b) Local chicken a total number 394 (M 199 and 195 F )

Target group: 

Smallholder Farmers

Duration of the project:

2009 -2012




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Email us  at faida@faidamarketlink.or.tz


Awards and Recognitions

AB Nut seed for foreign Marke