Faida Market Link (Faida MaLi)


A farmer  in the photograph is  practically presenting market prices from mobile phone and sharing the results with other trainees.


Sub-sector studies/market chain analysis.

Facilitation of Business Platforms.

Community-based Participatory Rural Appraisals.

Baseline Studies to establish pre-project intervention benchmark.

Value Chain Schemes Development and Market Linkage Implementation.

Project Evaluations and Impact Assessment.

Organisational assessment to other organizations that may be interested in implementing market linkage facilitation, their capacity building gaps and the accreditation to carry out effective market linkage and values chain development.

Capacity building on financial services and linkage to financial Institutions.

Replication of “The 10 Step Market Linkage Approach” to local and international NGOs/development organizations that would like to adopt the approach.

Training of local and international organizations (ToT) –training of trainers &Training of practitioners –(ToP).

Providing demand driven consultancy services to partner organizations, international development agencies, companies, BDS providers and government institutions.



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